Free Advice on How to Get Your Essay Done Properly

As students progress through their education, the classes become more rigorous and the assignments become longer and more thorough. As the list of guidelines that you must follow grows, writing your essay may become even more challenging. In cases such as these, check out this advice to help you get your assignment done properly every time.

Get Your Essay Done

Start with an Approved Topic

Some assignments come with an assigned topic, while others require the student to choose their own topic, possibly in a certain niche. The key to the perfect topic is to find one that offers enough information to meet your word (or page) requirements, without choosing one that is too broad. Conduct preliminary research before settling on your final topic and if you must choose your own, be sure to have it approved by your teacher before you start researching.

Refer to Your Thesis Statement to Guide Your Writing

The thesis statement will appear at the end of your introduction, as well as at the beginning of your conclusion. It states what you will be writing about and the purpose for writing your essay. To keep yourself on track, write this across your outline and your rough draft as you compose your work. As you make points, ask yourself if they work toward proving your thesis and if they do not, then throw the ideas out. You can also change the way that you state your points so they better support what you are trying to prove with your work.

Ask for a Rubric

Grading a writing assignment is not the same as grading a multiple-choice questionnaire where there is always a right or wrong answer. For this reason, teachers often use a grading rubric for writing assignments. This allows for uniform grading system for everyone in the class, even though their work is going to be vastly different.

A grading rubric breaks an assignment down by categories and allocates so many points to that category. For example, imagine that you are writing a 30-point assignment. The rubric may assign points in a way similar to this:

  • Spelling and grammar- 5 points
  • Sentence flow and paragraph structure- 5 points
  • How well the body paragraphs support the thesis- 10 points
  • Reference page- 5 points
  • Following the formatting guidelines- 5 points

If you want to be sure of the requirements of the assignment and what is entailed, ask your teacher for a copy of the grading rubric. Then, use this to shape your assignment based on what your teacher is expecting.