4 Essay Writing Apps To Improve Your Writing

Essay writing is a bit challenging, but not as difficult as many students think. In fact, several apps that make the entire process simpler are now available. The good thing is, some of these apps are all-encompassing and have several features that help improve quality of the paper and writing skills. In this post, you will get to know more about these apps that can transform your writing.

  1. Evernote
  2. Evernote is becoming increasingly popular because it's a feature-rich app. It comes with several features, and you can use it in numerous ways for both professional and personal projects. Actually, this app helps users to organize their ideas and notes. But you can use it to save essay examples you come across on the web, articles or resources you would like to read later. Another area this app is useful is when you want to keep tabs on references that you might need in your paper.

  3. Coggle
  4. If you are more of a visual person or like to see your ideas and thoughts connecting, then Coggle is the perfect application for you. It is a special app that let you organize those ideas for your paper through special mind mapping. And if you are yet to try any of those brainstorming techniques, you will never regret using it. You can also help you to choose essay topics and help you maintain your ideas for each paragraph.

  5. EditMinion
  6. After spending hours to brainstorm and draft your essay, the next thing you would be thinking of is how to proofread your paper. That is what apps like EditMinion are built for; it will analyze your essay to uncover mistakes and required edits. This app is a bit ahead of the grammar and spelling checker found in Microsoft Word. It checks for things like overused words, sentence length and weak words. In fact, you can name it as one the writing apps that make writing tasks easy for students.

  7. Grammarly
  8. Making sure that your paper is error free is extremely important because it can cause you to lose valuable marks. Even if your idea is genuine, errors in your work can make your essay look poor. However, Grammarly is a great tool you can use to proofread your paper. It helps to check for different mistakes like word choice, sentence structure, spelling mistakes, punctuation and a host of others. When proofreading, this app also gives suggestions that can help develop your skills on how to write an essay.

    Unlike most apps, Grammarly has a free and premium version. You can use the free version to edit minor errors and spelling mistakes or upgrade to the paid version to have access to more features. Do not be surprised when you find an essay typer using this app; it helps to provide all-round edits and helpful suggestions that can improve the quality of a paper.


If you are still struggling with how to write an application, then it's your choice not to improve or get help. The thing is many students believe essay writing is a difficult task, but thanks to technology, there are dozens of apps that make the process a breeze. Get help for your paper or develop your writing skills.