How to effectively brainstorm on any essay topic

Essays are part of everyday life from high school to college. Sometime, you will have a wide range of topics you’ll choose to write on. Similarly, you will have to structure your essay’s body to correctly fit the topic. First and foremost, you’ll have to brainstorm ideas for your essay. You can use some ways to achieve effective brainstorming and others that are unhelpful because of the nature of its organization.

Below are some ways you can make brainstorming effective and choose a suitable topic for your essay.

Get yourself into a focused space

Effective brainstorming is only possible if that is the thing you are focusing on. It’s rather unlikely for one to have an effective brainstorming session when focusing on other things.

Ensure that you are in a relaxed state, and nothing can impair your thinking. Make yourself ready to think about a specific topic and focus on doing that. When you’re tired, don’t try brainstorming. In a group scenario, you should break the ice. Communication is vital whenever you’re trying to get good ideas from the members of the group. Make the group warm by engaging everyone in the discussion and make sure everyone is comfortable. Active membership means you can all discuss on various pitches and come up with compelling and exciting topics. Breaking the ice also means that all the group members can efficiently contribute their creative ideas.

For loners, this step is not so important.

Take out some paper

Any brainstorming session needs to have a piece of paper and a pen for writing down the scribbles during your brainstorming session. The best way to do this is by writing a topic in the middle of your blank piece of paper first. After doing that, take about 5 – 10 minutes and write down all the things you can think of revolving around the question. You don’t need much detail in this step.

Organize and expand

After you’re done writing down everything you can think of, the following step is rationally organizing your ideas. There’s no defined way you should organize your thoughts. You can choose any way to make order in your thoughts and points using either charts or lists. Most importantly, you should refer to the version you are arranging and clearly understand it. after organizing your ideas, start considering what to write based on the ideas you have come up with. A plan might be great after all, but the ability to give meat to the skeleton of ideas you’ve come up with is what matters.

At this point, you should start filtering out what ideas you will have in your essay and those you will discard. Whenever you feel essential, conduct research to gain a better insight into the topic you are writing about and look for a good outline you can work with. Doing so helps you have a clear idea of your plan in the brainstorming session and quickly fill out the rest of the essay correctly.


Essay writing is a skill essential in the academic journey. It’s critical to craft the contents of an essay creatively from beginning to end. Hopefully, the above tips help you create a good essay content. All the best.