Good Topics For Persuasive Essays: 20 Fresh Suggestions

Thinking of a good topic for a persuasive essay might seem tricky at first, but when you have an idea of what to do it becomes a piece of cake. Soon you will see that thinking of your own creative titles is simple, and easy. You just need to figure out what works for you, since not everybody is the same. You want to pick a title that is close to the heart, because you will be more passionate when doing them. Carry on reading this article to find out how you can think of your own titles. With that in notion here are 20 fresh suggestions for persuasive essays from the professional homework expert.

  1. Should pupils be allowed to have mobile phones in elementary and secondary schools?
  2. Should student have to wear school uniforms?
  3. Should the penalty for not wearing a seat belt be increased?
  4. Should marijuana be legalized?
  5. Should the voting age be lowered to 16 if so why?
  6. Should people over the age of 65 be allowed to vote as it’s not their future they are voting for?
  7. Should the United States stop interfering with other countries military interests?
  8. Should female construction workers earn as much as men?
  9. Should children who committed violent crimes be eligible for the death penalty?
  10. Should the government be allowed to arrest suspected terrorists?
  11. Do social media sites make kid anti-social?
  12. Are the school summer holidays to short?
  13. Is American football too dangerous of a sport?
  14. Can computer games make us think more strategically?
  15. Should fracking be banned for the United States?
  16. Should a college education be free for everybody?
  17. Should they increase the minimum wage?
  18. Should guns be banned in the USA?
  19. Should be stop experimental testing on animals?
  20. Should we stop driving gas fuel cars and convert to electric cars?

Here are just a few titles that you can choose. Pick a title that you are interested about, because you will have an easier time writing about it. Also, you could pick a subject that you already know about this way you won’t have to do much research, since you already know about the subject a lot.