English Essay Topics

The goodness with the English language is that you have a range of many essay topics to choose from. These topics are specially selected to ensure that your essay is good enough to earn your outstanding points.

Check out the list of the best English essay topics you can write about.

  • The effectiveness of online learning as in-class education
  • Stress prevention among students as they stay at home due to COVID-19
  • The effect of quarantine due to COVID-19 on the closeness of families
  • Importance of wearing face masks while outside the house
  • Managing friendships during the quarantine
  • The most surprising factors students find about staying at home due to COVID-19.
  • How graduating students can enjoy their last semester while at home
  • The post-COVID-19 new traditions
  • Opening up the country in a safer way
  • The impact of COVID-19 on student lives
  • The impact of COVID-19 on student’s college plans
  • Change of illness attendance policies in school districts
  • Betterment of online classes
  • Proper time management by students while studying from home
  • Ways in which parents can help their elementary school students to study from home
  • Family considerations on homeschooling after the COVID-19 period
  • Protecting yourself from acquiring COVID-19
  • The student groups that have been most affected by studying from home  
  • Best ways of supporting physically challenged students as they study from home
  • The effect of COVID-19 on mental stress and ways of overcoming it
  • Change in modes of advertising in the fashion industry
  • The impact of romantic movies on real relationships
  • The essence of beauty pageants on women
  • Young men facing body image problems
  • The impact of advertising on men’s body image
  • The use of models that look like persons in the fashion industry
  • The use of plus-sized models in brands like Victoria’s secret
  • Women using plastic surgery for self-image betterment
  • The negative impact of playing with dolls like Barbie in the body image of girls
  • Developing a healthy body image in young women

News topics 

  • The essence of getting informed through comedy and satire  
  • The duty of news reporters on the digital platforms
  • The narrowness of news coverage
  • Defining fake news
  • Importance of fact-checking in speeches
  • Mind and mental health topics 
  • The impact of video games on kids
  • The impact of the internet on personal intelligence
  • The impact of marijuana on the brain
  • The possibility of reversal from brain damage

New technologies 

  • The future impact of 3-D printing
  • Solving identity thefts through face-detecting software
  • The impact of practical quantum computers on people’s lives
  • The best between Mac and PC

Social Media

  • Judging people through social media posting.
  • The legitimacy of online dating sites and their capabilities of creating long-term relationships.
  • The impact of technology on people’s attention span

High school life

  • The worthiness of studying abroad
  • Enhancing concentration during study sessions
  • The best sport to play at school
  • The essence of learning foreign languages in high school
  • The essence of apprenticeships and technical programs in schools

Food and eating

  • The best restaurants that serve the best fast foods
  • The essence of drinking bottled water
  • The best diet for athletes
  • The successfulness of the fad diets


  • The essence of homework on student accomplishments
  • Best ways to take notes
  • The essence of etching suicide prevention in schools
  • The comparison between online schools and traditional ones
  • Mandating the vaccination of students in primary schools


There are many English essay topics you can write about. These topics are divided into sections, and some of the selections include tattoo and body piercing, crimes, business entertainment, among others. In this piece, we have covered a section of them.