College essay topics to avoid

You might be beginning your senior year, and the college year full of freedom and the finest things is just one year away. The only thing that sets you apart from the college experience is an admission letter. Again, the application season is right here, and when sending test scores and transcripts sounded laborious, the process of writing an essay is innovative and stressful.

Writing an essay offers you a chance to speak to admission personnel to inform them or her kind of student you are and present your talents and skills in your words. However, when you are competing with thousands of other applicants, then you need to stand out. The following are four essay topics to avoid when writing a college application essay.

  1. Being an ideal student for the college

Currently, the majority of the college essay prompts are not about writing reasons. You should get acceptance to the college. If prompts were still as old as the above, students could provide equally old and stale answers. 

Even if the college prompts students to be innovative, they still provide straightforward answers that turn off admission officers. As a prospective student, avoid answering the prompts with flat and straightforward sentences. College essays should be lively and a speech from you, the prospective student to the college. Therefore, avoid sounding robotic since the application can land on the waiting list and worst even be rejected.

  1. I have a calling to help others.

It is a touching opinion to base your essay on a strong desire to serve others. It is not a source of motivation, though you should not abandon your desire to help others in society. Everybody desires to contribute to the world by helping others. Most of the time, students making an application for biology and commerce may have a burning desire to help others. Having the interest to help others does not indicate anything unique concerning your strengths and interests in your study field. You should personalize your essay and not be generic or vague.

  1.  I have learned valuable lessons from extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities are an indication of your welfare outside of academics. In any case, it is challenging to juggle between your interests in the field and classroom activities. Admission personnel will realize your attempt to serve two masters while in college. Your essay can sound too generic if you stress the lesson you learned from extracurricular activities such as the importance of time management and organization. Experts suggest that we should not allow extracurricular activities to define us. This topic does not illustrate how you have grown and developed as a person. If extracurricular activities helped you evolve as a leader and a student, then it's worth paying attention.

  1. The struggles made me a better student.

College application essays work as a story of the transformation that a student has gone through high school studies. Like other stories, college application essays reach a fun and exciting point when there is some struggle. Suppose you fashion your piece with many complaints if you struggle, then admission personnel can get turned off. Your past mistakes are worth a mention if they transform you to be a better person. Admission officers are eager to know how students manage their issues.

Generally, colleges want to listen less about your struggle and more on how you managed them to become stronger and better.